BK Pepper is a composer and producer from Ireland.


Bryan Kevin (BK) Pepper, an accomplished Irish composer and producer, lends his creative talents to various mediums, including film, television, advertising, gaming, and the concert hall. Pepper’s inaugural album, “Territories” (2020), boasts a diverse range of recordings, captured in locations as iconic as Abbey Road and as unconventional as a converted swimming pool. His portfolio extends beyond albums, as evidenced by the captivating live performance film, “From an Empty Castle” (2021), available for viewing


BK has been working across spectrum of creative domains, encompassing film, theater, animation, and the world of gaming. His most recent composition endeavours involves crafting the score for the eagerly anticipated feature film, “Swing Bout,” scheduled for release in 2024. Alongside the Screen Composition work Pepper has recorded with the Czech Symphony Orchestra, The Glasshouse Ensemble and The Scottish Session Orchestra for his upcoming second album due to be released in 2024

Copies of Territories on Vinyl and CD are available


“Distinctiveness that is impossible to overlook” 4/5
– Tony Clayton Lea, The Irish Times

“Territories, it doesn’t evoke memories but imagination” 9/10
– The Last Mixed Tape

“Layer upon layer of atmosphere bleed across this stunning album” 8/10
– Hot Press Magazine

‘stunning debut record ‘Territories’
– Golden Plec

“it could be the soothing aural balm we need after this rubbish year.”
– Lauren Murphy, Entertainment.ie

“Album of the week”
– No More Workhorse

“BK Pepper’s debut album keeps you fixated from the minute the first piano key is played.”
– Vibez Music Magazine – UK

“Few debuts can leave one breathless, fewer still can be considered world-class. BK Pepper achieves both…….. One of the year’s strongest albums and a debut worth celebrating.”
– Atwood Magazine – US

“Love at first sight: a sudden birth of a violent love. “Territories” is there as if it always had been. Gorgeous.”
– Totoromoon – France